Editorial Board

I. V. Voitov – Editor-in-Chief, rector, D. Sc. (Engineering), Republic of Belarus;

S. S. Vetokhin  – sub-editor, head of the Department of Physical-Chemical Methods of Products Certification, PhD (Physics and Mathematics), assistant professor,Republic of Belarus;

M. I. Vishnevski – head of the Department of Philosophy at the Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University, Dr. phil., professor, Republic of Belarus;

V. I. Kazarenkov – professor at the RUDN University, head of School art teacher, D. Ed., Russian Federation;

Bożena Łozowicka – professor at the Technical University Białystok, Habil. dr., Poland;

V. N. Naumchik – professor at the Department of Information Technologies in Education, «Minsk City Institutefor the Development of Education», D. Ed., professor, Republic of Belarus;

A. P. Orlova  – head of  the Department of Social Pedagogics, Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov, D. Ed., professor, Republic of Belarus;

N. R. Prokopchuk – Corresponding Member of Belarus NAS, head of department of petrochemical synthesis and polymer materials processing, D. Sc. (Chemistry), professor, Republic of Belarus;

Rimantas Želvys – professor at the faculty of Philosophy of Vilnius University, D. Ed., Habil. dr., Lithuania;

N. A. Svidunovich – professor at the Department of Material Science and Metal Technology , D. Sc. (Engineering), professor, Republic of Belarus;

N. N. Filipov – head of the Department of Physical Training and Sport, D. Ed., Republic of Belarus;

Taras Finikov – professor, President of the International Centre for Educational Policy Studies, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, PhD (History), Ukraine;

E. A. Flyurik  – executive editor, associate professor at the Department of Biotechnology and Bioecology, PhD (Biology), Republic of Belarus;

V. N. Klintsevich – technical secretary, Master of Biological Science, Republic of Belarus.